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September ’23 Review Roundup

A few reviews featured in the most recent museletter <3. Includes: Careful! by Deeper, Aperture by Hannah Jagadu, BB//ANG3L by Tinashe, The Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears, and Samba Esquema Novo by Jorge Ben Jor

August ’23 Review Roundup

A few reviews featured in the most recent museletter <3. Including Versions of Modern Performance by Horsegirl, Everyone's Crushed by Water From Your Eyes, Ooh I Rap Ya by George Clanton, Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael and The Pod by Ween

ALBUM REVIEW: Signor Benedick the Moor (SB the Moor) – El Negro

On 7 February 2019, the emerging enigmatic artist Signor Benedick the Moor dropped SPIRIT REALM.FINAL, a new full length LP through the Deathbomb Arc label. In anticipation for this release, the famed label recently sent us SB’s first album- 2014’s El Negro.

SB is an experimental artist originating from...

The Body and Thou: You, Whom I Have Always Hated Review

If you’re lurking within the depths of experimental music, it won’t take long

before you’re enclosed in complete darkness. The end of a cavern, seemingly leading

nowhere — but it’s far from being a dead end: it’s where those with heavy souls are

tunneling out new passages into the abyss...

Album Review: Les Sins – Michael

ad31ff04 [LISTEN] [Label: Company Records] [Date Released: November 4, 2014] [Genre: Electronic / Dance] This month marks the release of Chaz Bundick’s first full-length album under the title Les Sins. Although he has been quietly releasing music under this name for the past four years, this is the first...