Public Affairs Shows

KDVS has a wide array of hosts who explore topics like science, religion, psychology, politics, agriculture, art, technology, and culture. Please feel free to contact the email addresses below with information on topics and interviews.

Show Host Show Description E-Mail
Houses of the Healthy
VitaminDJ Houses of the Healthy is a talk forum for diverse topics related to holistic health and wellness, agroecology, environmental issues, social justice, and innovations in any of these areas. Enjoy great conversations and a little music too!

Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour Dr. Andy Jones Talks about Poetry & Technology with frequent guest authors. Jazz, literature and avant-garde. For more info go to
Radio Parallax Douglas Everett A slightly different perspective from a slightly different view. Science, history, politics, current events, whatever we damn well please. More information at
“Speaking in Tongues” Richard Estes A program featuring social commentary and interviews with people directly involved in struggles related to peace, civil rights, the environment and the workplace. Interviews and opinions, giving voice to the voiceless.