Album Review: Les Sins – Michael


[LISTEN] [Label: Company Records] [Date Released: November 4, 2014] [Genre: Electronic / Dance]

This month marks the release of Chaz Bundick’s first full-length album under the title Les Sins. Although he has been quietly releasing music under this name for the past four years, this is the first time listeners can get a good idea of what Les Sins is all about. Better known as Toro y Moi, Bundick uses Les Sins to turn away from the chillwave sound of his past four albums, Causers of This, Underneath the Pine, June 2009, and Anything in Return. Michael instead comes across as more rhythmic and danceable than any of his prior work.

One of the most noticeable differences between Les Sins and Toro y Moi is the absence of Bundick’s vocals on every track. Instead of singing, he uses what appears to be random interview outtakes like on the album’s opening track, “Talk About”.  “Bother” also features a repetitive spoken sample, showing that the vocals only add to the dance floor vibes of each track. Although die-hard Toro y Moi fans might not be content with the overall sound of this album, tracks such as “Why” and “Bellow” could easily fit amongst the track list of previous albums. These two songs are especially reminiscent of Bundick’s earlier work and are mellow enough to be compared to hits such as “Rose Quartz” and “Harm in Charge”.

The standout points of the album are definitely the tracks that are most symbolic of what Bundick could have released under Toro y Moi. However, all of his previous albums have had a hint of the same upbeat and steady tracks that take center stage in Michael. This album is simply a way for Bundick to premiere a new sound that has not been able to be put on full display in any of his previous work.   Although only it is only side project, Michael is definitely a worthwhile listen for Toro y Moi and electronic pop fans alike.

Recommendations: Why, Bellow

by Nona Bhatia