September ’23 Review Roundup

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Horsegirl Versions of Modern performance
SUB POP / 2023

Looking for a punchy, whiny, post-punk album just in time for fall? Wanting to add a rythmic pep in your step or nod to your head? Coming back from their album, Auto-Pain, not much has changed, except for an additional nuance of instrumental intermission tracks like “Heat Lamp” and “devil-loc.” On Careful!, there is a noisy experimentation not seen on prior Deeper projects, and for that, we are excited to see how their sound evolves. – DJ Stick Pony

Hannah Jagadu

Water from your eyes Eveyones crushed
SUB POP / 2023

Hannah Jadagu’s debut album, Aperture, is for the bedroom pop girlies. Jadagu doesn’t divert much from what’s expected of the genre, but nevertheless delivers 12 effortlessly charming tracks. “Warning Sign” and “Lose” are standouts, recalling the easy-on-the-ears indie pop that many of us know and love. This is just a sweet album, overall. Nothing revolutionary, just perfectly dreamy and introspective. – Valley Girl


NICE LIFE / 2023

Curtailing the Excesses of 333, Tinashe finally lives up to her potential that’s shown itself in fits and starts for a near decade. At 20 Minutes, BB//ANG3L breezes by, with production influenced the wide world of electronica, be it the garage shuffle of “Gravity”, the bassy dub of “Talk To Me Nice” , or the slinking haze of “None Of my Business” sounding like if Whitearmor produced an SWV song. In alt-r&b, a genre that all too often relies on~the vibe~to mask lazy songwriting, BB//ANG3L proves that both atmospherics and solid songwriting can coexist and enhance each other. – rushesTo

Cover Art by Breanna Garman

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From the Stacks

The Seeds of Love
Tears for Fears

FONTANA / 1989

It’s a classic story: after a successful album, the main songwriter, focused in their sonic masterpiece, drives away all other members of the band. It’s a good thing then that The Seeds of Love holds up the “sonic masterpiece” part. Working through the history of popular music, the album finds tears for fears moving through classic jam and blues music on “Bad Man’s Song”, Beatlesque psychedelic pop on single “Sowing the Seeds of Love”, and everything in-between. Along with the soulful voice and keys of Oleta Adams, The Seeds of Love is a sonic ocean, waiting for what you’ll unearth next. – DJ Bizzare

Samba Esquema Novo
Jorge Ben Jor

PHILIPS / 1963

Jorge Ben Jor is one of the most influential Brazilian composers of all time. The release of his debut album, Samba Esquema Novo, changed the face and future of Brazilian music. He not only combined different styles of music, but blended together the complex lifestyles of Samba and Bossa Nova. Tracks such as “Mas Que Nada, “Chove Chuva”, and “Por Causa de Você, Menina” would become Brazilian staples and introduced a new musical era in Brazil. The album became fundamental in the development of future social and musical movements in the country, namely the Tropicalia movement. – mica