How to get involved?

One might ask… “What’s there to do at KDVS?”

There’s only one answer to that – plenty!  But, first you must become an official volunteer!  Volunteer meetings are held at the beginning of each quarter. To find out when these new volunteer meetings are please visit the KDVS Instagram page.

Attend only one of these meetings and you’re all ready to work at the station.  Even if you’re not interested in becoming a DJ, there’s always plenty of behind-the-scenes work to be done.

Feel free to email our Community Coordinators  at if you are unable to make these meetings, or if you’d like to find out more about what’s happening at KDVS!

We are always in need of help in all aspects of our departments, so if you are a motivated, self-initiated, and hard-working individual, find yourself a job in one of these areas:

This thing doesn’t just update itself (as much as we’d like it to).  You don’t need to be a web designer to help out here.  We always need people to interview DJs for the Profile section and help keep sections current.

We’re not only music, kids…  Sports, news, and public affairs require a lot of attention.  Also, help train new DJs and put together the new DJ schedule each quarter, chart playlists, and many more behind-the-scenes tasks.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.  Lobby staffing with all the trappings!  Answer phones, guide visitors, and spread your knowledge to all who ask about the station!

Tired of hearing the same voices on public service announcements, over and over?  Well, get over here and lend your vocal talents to us, and create the change that you want to see and hear!  Help create Public Service Anouncememts, show promos, and community reminders.

Be a part of the department in charge of writing, publishing, and distributing KDViationS, our quarterly programming guide.  The publicity department is also in charge of t-shirt, button, and sticker sales.  Without promotion, who’s ever gonna know we exist?

Music Departments
Like hip-hop? Punk?  Noise?  Become part of a music department;  help review and add new music, recruit bands to play on air, contact labels, etc.  If you’re not hearing your favorite artist on KDVS, it’s most likely because we don’t have them in our libratry. This is a great way to have a direct influence on our playlists, and what everyone hears!

Curious about becoming a reporter for KDVS? Our News department is looking for volunteers interested in creating news briefs about happenings in the Davis area.  KDVS News has been making quite a splash this year and we are always looking for new members to join the team!  Contact for more information.