Q?How do I apply for the journalism internship at KDVS News?

KDVS News is looking to recruit motivated, dedicated, and responsible individuals who carry a passion for journalism and politics. To state your interest, email news@kdvs.org a resume along with a short message introducing yourself and what position you are hoping to acquire. This will add your name to the roster of prospective reporters who will all receive an email from our Executive Producer to set up an interview.

Q?How can I volunteer at KDVS?

Potential volunteers must attend one of the tri-quarterly recruitment meetings.  After completing 50 hours of volunteer service during a quarter, volunteers become eligible for a show.  For more information on meeting times and volunteer tasks check out the volunteer page.

Q?Q: DJ GFizzle is my favorite!! How can I contact him?!!

A: Sorry, personal contact information is not publicly available.  The studio line is (530) 752-2777 or (530) 754-KDVS or you can leave a message at (530) 752-0728.

Q?Q: How can I contact a Staff Member

A: The Contact page has what you are looking for.

Q?Q: My record label (or band) wants to submit CDs/singles/records/tapes for airplay consideration on KDVS. Where can I send them?

A: Send your music to

KDVS 90.3 FM
14 Lower Freeborn
Davis, CA 95616

If you want to submit to a particular department, replace the line “ATTN: MUSIC DIRECTOR” with:

Q?Q: My band wants to play live on the air.

A: Every Saturday from 11 pm-12 am, KDVS plays live music recorded in Studio A.  Availability is narrow, so contact the L.I.S.A. Director at lisa@kdvs.org well in advance. We must have recorded material on-hand before booking and you must be able to play for at least half an hour.

Q?Q: How to listen to KDVS on a MS Windows Computer

A: There is a button on the home page where you can listen to the stream on the home page in the top left corner from any browser. Additionally, you can click here to learn more about how to listen now.

Q?Q: I’m having trouble listening to the online stream. Help!

A: Sometimes a dial up connection may not be good enough to provide a continuous stream of digital audio to your computer. If you experience skipping or short periods of no audio the problem is most likely related to the quality of your connection to the Internet. There is nothing we can do about this type of problem. You need to contact your Internet Service Provider and explain your problem to them.


Q?Q: My band wants to promote their upcoming shows in northern CA on the air.

A: Shows, art gallery openings, and other events of interest to the Davis community are aired daily on the Events Calendar. Please contact the Publicity Staff for more information at publicity@kdvs.org.

Q?Q: I just heard the coolest song but missed the artist/title. How can I find out who it was?

A: Check out the schedule, where show archives are kept for one week.

Q?Q: I like hip hop/rap/experimental/punk/metal. Where can I get a list of all DJs who play such music on their shows?

Check out the schedule to find out which DJs play what

Q?Q: What are PSA’s?

A: PSA stands for “Public Service Announcement.”  KDVS plays PSA’s as a community service throughout the day to inform the community of events and services available to them, as well as other facts they may find useful.

Q?Q: What types of PSA’s are there?

A: Currently there are four types of PSA’s: events, community service, health notices, and general information.

Q?Q: Then what?

A: Your premade PSA or PSA information is then received by the PSA director.  If you send a premade PSA, the PSA director will listen to it and decide whether or not it is suitable for airplay.  If you send us a flier or press release, then a KDVS volunteer might make a PSA out of it.

Q?Q: How do I get a PSA on KDVS?

A: There are two ways to get a PSA on KDVS.  You can either send a premade PSA in wav, MP3, or CD audio format on a CD, or send us the information about your organization or event.  We prefer that you send us the information and we will make your PSA for you within accordance of FCC guidlines. To send your premade PSA’s or PSA information to: KDVS 90.3 FM, 14 Lower Freeborn Hall, Davis, CA 95616.

Q?Q: A volunteer?

A: Volunteers at KDVS make the majority of PSA’s aired on KDVS.  The volunteers take fliers, press releases, and pamphlets sent to KDVS and extract the relevant information to create original PSA’s for airplay.  The volunteers tend to use their own creative sensibilities in order to make an appealing announcement.

Q?Q: How much will this cost me?

A: This service is offered free to the community as part of our role as a community alternative radio station.

Q?Q: Who may send premade PSA’s or PSA information?

A: Anyone may send premade PSA’s or PSA information.  If you have an event that you wish to promote, a service that you offer, or have information that you think the public should be made aware of, then a PSA on KDVS can help spread the word.  We accept submissions from everyone, although non-profit and non-commercial organizations tend to have priority in the PSA creation process.  Services and events offered by the University of California also have priority.

Q?Q: When will my PSA air?

A: There is no schedule for PSA airplay.  Each DJ is allowed some freedom in choosing what PSA’s he or she will play during his or her show.  As such, it is difficult for us to know when a PSA will air.  However, we have noted that newer PSA’s tend to be played more often.

Q?Q: I sent in a premade PSA or PSA information to KDVS, but KDVS is not airing my PSA. Why not?

A: There are a number of reasons why certain PSA’s may not make it on the air.  Premade PSA’s may not meet our guidelines for on-air public service announcements.  These guidelines are based on the rules dictated to us as a non-commercial station by the FCC.  Event information sent to us to be made into PSA’s may not reach us until after the event has passed, and sometimes information sent to us about a service or event is just never made into a PSA.  Unfortunately, since most of our volunteers are students or have full-time jobs, we do not have the ability to make a PSA for every event or service that we are informed of.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and steps are being taken to try and increase PSA production.  For instance, the creation of a community calendar is being considered in order to announce events that aren’t made into PSA’s.

Q?Q: I dislike the PSA that KDVS made my organization. What can I do?

A: Contact the PSA director and express your displeasure.  Since we are doing this as a service to you, it stands to reason that you have the right to ask that your PSA be pulled.


Q?Q: What are the guidelines for creating a PSA?

A: 1. No mention of price can be made.  The only exception is if something is free.  2. No qualitative terms can be used.  This means not attributing a non-measurable quality to something: coolest, best, grooviest, good, and so on.  Mentioning how long something has been established or has been around has been deemed a qualitative term by the FCC because the implication of experience is evident.  Please keep your PSA objective in its wording.  3. No calls to action.  You can not command anyone to do anything.  Do not say, “Join us,” “Come to our event,” or “Call this number.”  However, “Those interested can join us,” and “For more information call this number,” are acceptable, because rather than command, they simply state facts. 4. The PSA should be no longer than 1 minute.  The shorter it is the more often it will likely be played.

Q?Q: What are the guidelines for submitting a flier, pamphlet, or other written information about what I want made into a PSA?

A: There are no guidelines.  Our volunteers will make sure that PSA’s made from such information will conform to our rules.  We do ask to be given ample time prior to an event in order to make a PSA for it.  It is almost impossible for us to make a PSA for a event if we get the flier the day before the event occurs.