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    1. Say She She
      Silver (Karma Chief)
    2. McKinley Dixon
      Beloved! Paradise! Jazz​!​? (City Slang)
    3. Hagiga ; Alon Farber Hagiga ; Alon Faber
      The Magician: Live in Jerusalem (Origin)
    4. Drop Nineteens
      Hard Light (Wharf Cat)
    5. Buck Meek
      Haunted Mountain (4AD)
    6. Tkay Maidza
      Sweet Justice (4AD)
    7. Betty Bryant
      Lotta Livin' (Bry-Mar)
    8. Jamila Woods
      Water Made Us (Jagjaguwar)
    9. Lewis OfMan
      Cristal Medium Blue (Profil de Face)
    10. Cheekface
      It's Sorted (Cheekface)
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