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    1. Hamish Kilgour
      FinkleStein (Ba Da Bing)
    2. Arndales
      Shops (In the Red)
    3. Sigtryggr Berg Sigmarsson
      I Say To You (Radical Documents)
    4. Wimps
      Garbage People (Kill Rock Stars)
    5. LFZ
      Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
    6. Table Sugar
      Collected Acknowledgements (Stucco)
    7. Dog Party
      Hit & Run (Brat)
    8. The Brankas
      My Parkour Body (Snafu Family)
    9. Tough Customer
      Darlene (Sweet Rot)
    10. Yann Novak
      The Future Is A Forward Escape Into The Past (Touch)
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