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  • Weekly Top 30

    1. Louder Than Death
      Louder Than Death (In the Red)
    2. The Inflatable Band
      Discount Everything (Self-Released)
    3. Counter Intuits
      Vietnamese Lighter (Total Punk)
    4. Ice Balloons
      Fiesta (Volar)
    5. Charnel Ground
      Charnel Ground (12XU)
    6. Jackie O. Motherfucker
      Bloom (Futurological)
    7. Preening
      Greasetrap Frisbee (Ever/Never)
    8. Blessed
      2 (Coin Toss)
    9. Jeffrey Evans And Ross Johnson
      Caldonia b/w Cotton Fields (Spacecase)
    10. Come Holy Spirit
      Asters And Disasters (Water Wing)
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