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    1. The Revenge
      The Revenge (In the Red)
    2. Diane Coffee
      Internet Arms (Polyvinyl)
    3. Hash Redactor
      Drecksound (Goner)
    4. Tacocat
      This Mess is a Place (Sub Pop Records)
    5. The Cavemen
      Low Life EP (Slovenly)
    6. Drug Apts
      Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances (Mt. St. Mtn)
    7. Bruised
      Arrow Of Disease b/w Psychic Stain (Randy)
    8. The Dream Syndicate
      These Times (Anti-)
    9. Robert Forster
      Inferno (Tapete)
    10. Mdou Moctar
      Ilana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)
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