Driving Directions

To get to KDVS, take 80 towards Davis. Merge onto 113 North towards Woodland and exit at Russell Blvd. Make a right onto Russell and head east for about a mile. You will see UC Davis on your right. Make a right onto Howard Way, into the UCD Campus. You will pass a parking structure on your left. Pull up to the curb by the Information Booth, making sure not to block any busses.

From there, you can call the KDVS lobby at (530) 752-0728. Someone should answer and come upstairs to meet you. KDVS is located in 14 Lower Freeborn, in the basement of the building to the right of you as you stand looking south from the information booth.

For instruction for bands playing live on KDVS give us a call at (530) 752-0728.

KDVS Driving Directions