General Sweepstakes/Contest Rules
By participating in a ticket giveaway or contest at KDVS Davis, you agree to be bound by the following rules:

To be eligible to participate during on-air promotions, which include but are not limited to ticket giveaways and contests, listeners must successfully follow “game rules” that are set up by the DJ who is running the on-air promotion. Typically, game rules could include making a call to the KDVS Radio Station phone number and having the correct answer to a question posed by the DJ. The game rules created by the DJ will be in line with FCC regulations.

Note that there is a limit of one entry per contest/ticket giveaway. Any person who attempts to enter more than once per contest/ticket giveaway may be disqualified.

A person who successfully follow the game rules will be deemed by the DJ to be a winner and will be awarded a prize. The DJ has final say regarding whether a contestant can be considered a winner or not and will use fair judgement in order to declare a winner. The number of winners is typically announced in the game rules (see Article 1). If necessary, the DJ on the air also holds the right to alter the game rules in order to declare a winner.

Winners are required to provide the on-air DJ with an email address and/or phone number to be contacted. KDVS will relay this information to a third-party source who has the prize, and they will contact the winner. As an example, this third-party source is the organization behind the tickets to a concert or event. The winner of the contest will be informed of what organization their contact information will be provided to and will be asked by the DJ whether they are comfortable with being contacted by a third-party. Note that KDVS will not be held responsible for any lack of communication between the third-party source and the winner of the prize.

As is highlighted in Article 2, prizes will be given to the winner from the appropriate third-party organization. Prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged, and the winner of the prizes must receive the entire prize package. The winner may be responsible for transportation and/or communication to receive the prize, in addition to any fees or taxes that may result from accepting a prize. KDVS will not be held responsible for any issues caused by the third-party organization where a winner cannot claim his prize.

For ticket giveaways, one typical way to receive tickets is through “will call.” Note that a valid ID is likely to be required to obtain tickets.

Participants in KDVS ticket giveaways and contests must follow both FCC Regulations and local and federal laws while participating in an on-air promotion. If participants call in and are invited by the DJ to have their call broadcasted live on the air, they need to be particularly cautious that they do not break rules. Participants need to be aware of two major FCC Regulations:

(1) Participants are not permitted to say indecent/obscene things while on the air. In more practical terms, no profane language is allowed, in addition to any descriptions of excretion or sexual actions/ideas.

(2) Participants are not allowed to make any calls to action (plugola). While on-air, for example, participants are not allowed to command people to purchase something or visit a specific website. Participants are also not allowed to mention any monetary amounts to items that can be purchased while on air.

Please be advised that breaking any FCC Regulations, KDVS In-House Rules, or federal and local laws while partaking in a contest will call for immediate disqualification from participating in the KDVS contest or ticket giveaway. The DJ also reserves the right to terminate any phone call that is being broadcasted on the air, with or without notice, if he/she feels there has been improper conduct from the participant.

In conclusion, common sense and courtesy goes a long way. The DJ hosting the contest can clarify any questions that may come up, particularly relating to content that may or may not be suitable for on-air broadcast.

By participating in a KDVS contest/ticket giveaway, the participant agrees to hold KDVS and its staff members harmless for any claims, damages, mishaps, acts of God, or issues that result from participating in a contest or accepting a prize. The participant also agrees to hold the hosting DJ harmless for any consequences that occur while participating in the contest, provided that the DJ acts in good faith and makes decisions based off of fair judgement.

KDVS reserves the right to use the voice and likeness of the participant for promotional purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, using a participant’s likeness for production of carts/messages, referring to a winning participant in advertising material such as flyers, and/or having information on the contest and its participants in our quarterly zine, KDViationS.

KDVS holds the right to make alterations to these rules with or without notice. KDVS may change rules or regulations in order to protect the integrity of the station. For contest or game rules that contradict these general contest/ticket giveaway rules, clarification will be provided by KDVS staff to determine what rule applies.

KDVS reserves the right to cancel any contest or ticket giveaway for any reason. In particular, contests, ticket giveaways, or prizes that contain any component that is deemed to be against FCC regulations, In-House rules, or local/federal laws may be cancelled. If a third-party source refuses to cooperate after confirmation of running a contest has been made by KDVS with the third-party source, KDVS will not be held responsible to provide a replacement prize to the winning participants. KDVS will do its best to inform the participant of the situation and any other options that the participant may have that pertain to the scenario at hand.

For any questions, in addition to inquiries about hosting a contest/ticket giveaway/sweepstakes at KDVS, please contact the Public Relations Director or the General Manager Good luck!