August ’23 Review Roundup

New Releases

Versions of Modern Performance

Horsegirl Versions of Modern performance
MATADOR / 2023

Horsegirl’s newest release and first full-length album, Versions of Modern Performance, delivers angst that can be used as fuel while we rapidly approach fall. The single coming out of this album, “Anti-glory,” offers a repetitive ballad perfect for character walks or simply just to sulk. The dynamics between crisp guitar riffs and Nora Cheng’s light vocals reflect the peace and noise as we bear through the heat in a transitional limbo between the chaos of now and the chaos to come. – DJ Stick Pony

Everyone’s Crushed
Water From Your Eyes

Water from your eyes Eveyones crushed
MATADOR / 2023

Whether you’re looking to cry or mosh, Everyone’s Crushed has got you covered. Rachel Brown’s vocal performance is deadpan indie pop at its finest, layered with experimental textures and dissonance. “Remember Not My Name” is a melancholic standout track, while “Barley” and “Buy My Product” bring back the energy with melodic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. The duo’s songwriting can be a bit repetitive, but dynamic use of distortion still delivers a quirky and exciting project. – Valley Girl

Ooh I Rap Ya
George Clanton

George Clanton Ooh I rap Ya
100% ELECTRONICA / 2023

Most nostalgia-fueled music tends to reduce the era it’s evoking into soulless, hackneyed “remember when” gestures. We can see this with the countless amount of dime-a-dozen ‘80s-throwback tunes out there. Luckily, this isn’t the case for Ooh I Rap Ya. Instead, the album reads more like a genuine love letter to ‘90s music in which George Clanton reinterprets ‘90s prettyboy pop à la Savage Garden througha lens of hazy, vaporwave-tinted psychedelia. What truly allows this album to transcend beyond uninspired nostalgia-bait is Clanton’s knack for blending an assortment of ‘90s sounds into a lush, massive sonic aesthetic. – Ethereal

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From the Stacks

Listen Without Prejudice
George Michael


Written by the then-closeted George Michael during the peak of AIDS, Prejudice aches with desire and sorrow in equal parts. On Prejudice Michael trades in the synthetics of his debut LP for a sound closer to Sade than Duran Duran–or WHAM! for that matter–blending elements of smooth soul, funk, dance-pop, ‘60s soft pop, and bossa nova. Highlights include the spacey “Cowboys and Angels”, the surprisingly bitter “Freedom ‘90” and the emotional centerpiece “Waiting for That Day.” – rushesTo

The Pod

SHIMMY / 1991

The Pod was named after the home the band wrote and recorded the album in. During the recording process, the band contracted mononucleosis, and, according to liner notes, also inhaled 5 cans of Scotchgard. This is reflected in the sound of the record, which is a grimy sound the band calls “brown.” The tracks “Dr. Rock” and “Mononucleosis” best reflect the overall sound of the record, but Ween also show off poppier tendencies with tracks like ‘Oh My Dear (Falling in Love)’ and ‘Pork Roll Egg and Cheese.’ – Rattenkoenig