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Queer Quollaboration – PA Show Highlight

Show: Queer Quollaboration
Host: Graham
Show Description: Featuring interviews with people involved in local and regional efforts to advocate and support the LGBTQ community. Topics discussed: gender norms, queer activism, mental and sexual health, queer youth, queer politics, coming out, LGBT history and so much more!
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U Consent: The Campaign Against Sexual Violence


With increasing reports of sexual assault on university campuses across the country, UC president Janet Napolitano decided to take action by creating recommendations for all UCs to follow. This action was taken in order to relook sexual assault policies across campuses. KDVS News reporter, Will Phung, reports on the campaign.

Recent Proposal for all Cyclists to Wear Helmets



Senator Carol Liu recently created a proposal for all cyclists to wear helmets. Our KDVS News reporter recently spoke with the legislative director of the Senator Liu’s office. More information about the proposal is discussed. 


KDVS News and Public Affairs and Third Space Art Collective

Did you hear? The KDVS News and Public Affairs Directors teamed up with Third Space Art Collective to screen print some mad KDVS Fundraiser 2014 shirts! If you bought one, you're a lucky duck. These were made out of love for also those Newsies/Public Affairsiesout there. DSCN3381

An Interview with the Dean of Medicine

Did you miss the interview with the UC Davis Dean of Medicine on In a Heartbeat? Listen to it here: This show also covered the American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting in Berkeley, CA - don't miss out! [caption id="attachment_1169" align="aligncenter" width="377"]ACS... 						
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Enrique Interviews UCD Police on Stages

Have you ever wondered what role the UC Davis Police Department plays in our community? Well, you're in for a special treat, because this week on Stages Enrique sits down with Chief of Police Matthew Carmichael and two veteran officers, Ray Holguin and Timothy Hunter. Together, we find out what advances the police department experienced...

Valentines Day at KDVS

Not celebrating Valentine's Day?  That's a shame, but don't let history repeat itself!  UC Davis Law students DJ Murphy and Holly McMannes recap their romance on "Conrad's Corner" and reveal how you can find your special someone in time for Valentine's Day 2015! Click Here for the clip....

Happy 50 Year Anniversary KDVS!

Welcome to the new KDVS website! More specifically, the new Public Affairs page. Conrad from "Conrad's Corner" on Wednesdays from 8:00AM-9:00AM shared a Brief History of KDVS (listen here) that you definitely want to check out for some sweet KDVS trivia. Check out his show page under the KDVS Programming Grid for more information!  ...