Top 5 Adds


  1. Cindy Lee
    Diamond Jubilee (REALISTIK)
  2. Sinkane
    We Belong (City Slang)
  3. Waxahatchee
    Tigers Blood (Anti-)
  4. Ballsy
    Bisou (Self-Released)
  5. La Luz
    News of the Universe (Sub Pop)


  1. Ruth, Moody
    Wanderer (Blue Muse)
  2. Iron & Wine
    Light Verse (Sub Pop)
  3. Famous Mammals
    Famous Mammals (Inscrutable)
  4. Mustard's Retreat
    By Request (Yellow Room)
  5. Woo
    Xylophonics + Robot X (Independent Project)


  1. METZ
    Up on Gravity Hill (Sub Pop)
  2. Still Corners
    Dream Talk (Wrecking Light)
  3. Little Lizard
    Big Lizard (Guilt Ridden Pop)
  4. Sheer Mag
    Playing Favorites (Third Man Record)
  5. Aldana, Melissa
    Echoes of the Inner Prophet (Blue Note)


  1. Chastity Belt
    Live Laugh Love (Suicide Squeeze)
  2. Wendy Grossman
    The Last Trip Home (Riverlark)
  3. Corridor
    Mimi (Sub Pop)
  4. Drahla
    angeltape (Captured Tracks)
    10:10 (Sunset Club)


  1. Khruangabin
    A La SaLa (Secretly Group ; Dead Oceans)
  2. Joseph, Joey
    The Little Prince of Rock N Roll (Eyebrow Palace)
  3. Semones, Mei
    Kabutomushi [EP] (Bayonet)