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Crossing Continents

Gil Medovoy



Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Upper Realm Shrieks: Music and Words

David D. Young

Started the day with the clock's time gone & I figured I better get something to eat & also buy some blank CDs cuz I don't have any. I've decided to include almost a half hours worth of Jack Kerouac reading On the Road. I've never used this the whole time I've DJ'd here but the guy catches the spirit of vibrant spontaneous life so I hope it's worth it to you guys, the listeners. I'm reviewing it as I'm writing this & his words are definitely worth it. Otherwise this show is dedicated to the relentless heat which I've had to endure in this lower sacramento valley location lately.


Bluegrass & Blues & Jazz & Recitation & Rock

Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM

Prog Rock Palace

Curtis Carroll & Professor Prog & Rock Shurewood

Curtis in the Hot Seat today (it'll be 100 today!). A little old and a lot of new in this edition of the PRP. Newer music from Steve Hackett, Wucan, Airbag, and an epic cut (24 minutes ) from Karmakanic's new album, DOT. Also, a strange one from Les Claypool and Sean Lennon's (John and Yoko's son) new collaboration. Roy Albrighton of Nektar passed away recently. I'll play an early cut as a tribute. Other older prog from the usual suspects and the Psychedelic Psunspot thrown in for good measure.


Progressive Rock

Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM

The Saturday Morning Folk Show

Bill Wagman & Robyne Fawx

Robyne is here today, Dear Heart. We're trying to beat the heat...or maybe we should beat a retreat, eh? Summer is on us with a vengeance. Let's remember the other things that summer brings us.



Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Buried Alive in the Blues

Big Dave


Blues & Folk & Funk & Jazz & Rb & Rock & Soul

Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 6:00AM - 9:00AM

House of Rewind

Castro & Johnny


Pop Rock

Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 3:00AM - 6:00AM

Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer

is it not what you wanted...


The Metal

Saturday 7/30/2016 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM

The Mosh Is Primal

J Trashy


Hardcore & Metal & Pop Punk

Friday 7/29/2016 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM

1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

I'm back! Glad to have survived CARCASS! Send your best metal releases to... KDVS c/o Metal Department 14 Lower Freeborn Hall Davis, CA 95616



Friday 7/29/2016 @ 8:00PM - 10:30PM

Sub Zero


Good evening. Welcome to the Sub Zero show where the first hour is classic and modern instrumental surf and the second hour is some indie, psych, rock, etc. Comments or requests: 530-754-KdVS (5387) 530-752-2777 Thanks for listening to where the music is so "cool" it's Sub Zero


Psychedelic & Rock & Surf

Friday 7/29/2016 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM