November 2019 Kurated

When asked why they chose these songs, here’s how some of our core staff members responded:

On choosing “All My Happiness is Gone” by Purple Mountains:
“Love the beautiful folksy instrumental coupled with sad cowboy lyrics. RIP David Berman.”
– Nick Dinato, Co-Staff Development Coordinator

On choosing “Health Food” by Berhana:
“Listening on a bus ride to Sac, head bobbin’ and sh*t. The song fits how I’ve been getting through November.”
– Lauren Balino, Co-Fundraising Director

On choosing “Pastel Pasture” by Hanna:
“This EP was released when i was born and i try to convince myself i somehow heard this in the womb.”
– Emmanuel (Noel) Fernandez, General Manager

On choosing “Three Is A Magic Number” by Bob Dorough
“The production is clean (listen with headphones) and the musicians are exceptional.”
– Myles Roach, Sports Director

Listen to the playlist below. Happy Thanksgiving!