March 2020 Kurated

When asked why they picked these songs, here’s how our core-staff responded:

On choosing “Cut ‘Em Off” by Dizzee Rascal:
“This was the song that introduced me / got me into grime. I heard it in an NTS set one day and that shit was bumpin. Recently rediscovered it on one of my old playlists and been playing it everyday for a week cuz that shit goes harddd, makes me feel like a boss ass bitch you feel?”
– Jiji Patricio, Co-Events Director

On choosing “Memory Loss” by Deltron 3030:
“Insane instrumentation and sampling, great album to post up and chill to”
– Chris Alam, Co-Staff Development Coordinator

On choosing “Party In Me” by Yung Bae:
“For all those times that you just want to dance in your room during this period of social distancing. A whole vibe.”
– Raj Bhatia, Head of Web & Tech Development

Stay safe at home and wash your hands. Listen to the playlist below: