April 2020 Kurated

When asked why they picked these songs, here’s how our core-staff responded:

On choosing “INPUT” by Teo:
“Produced by KDVS’s own Mateo. Great vocals and synths!”
– Cosme Medina, Live In Studio A Co-Director

On choosing “WHATS POPPIN” by Jack Harlow:
“When he said “Imma spend this holiday locked in”, I felt that.”
– Raj Bhatia, Head of Web & Tech Development

On choosing “Cara Cara” by Gilberto Gil:
“Lately I’ve been feeling RESTLESS n FRUSTRATED in quarantine, which results in the need to move and dance. Cara Cara has been my favorite song to get me moving this month – Gilberto can solve most things.”
– Julia Pierce, Design Director

On choosing “Rat Soup” by Boredoms:
“Noisey Humorous Overly Indulgent Extravagant Jams – for the scummy kidds.”
– Jaime Rios, Music Department

Listen to the playlist below: