February 2020 Kurated

When asked why they picked these songs, here’s how our core-staff responded:

On choosing “Hairy Palms” by This Song Is A Mess But So Am I:
“They played in a tiny house called the Sporeshack on C Street Davis back in 06. Booked by KDVS alum Rick Ele”
– Ammaar Vayani, Assistant General Manager

On choosing “A Voice” by Ssleeping Desiress:
“They’re coming to do a LISA in March and they’re so! Damn! Good!”
– Alanis Gordillo, Co-Events Director

On choosing “Dmtri” by Action Bronson:
“Shows The Alchemist at his finest with his production and BronsoliƱo being super playful while also spitting some bars. Best with headphones on.”
– Raj Bhatia, Head of Web & Tech Development

On choosing “Newlove” by Sewerslvt:
“I really dig the mix of drum n’ bass with atmospheric ambient on this one. Definitely a fun and intense track.”
– Nick Dinato, Co-Staff Development Coordinator

Listen to the playlist below: