Top 42 Albums: Eelaaf Shah

I just want to preface this by saying that favorite does not equal best (which I’m pretty sure is made abundantly clear by the fact that I have Taylor Swift up here). The reason I’ve picked a lot of these isn’t because they’re...

Top 42 Albums: CJ

The music albums I chose all have a significant part in my music story, my music origin story if you will. They all influenced me that I can’t explain, but I do know without them I wouldn’t be the same. I formatted the...

Top Albums List: Eleanor

They call it “the Gateway to Jazz”—probably the best-selling jazz record of all time, and maybe the best one too. At least I think so. There’s a nice sense of confirmation when you like things that are critically acclaimed. Maybe that’s why, when it’s time for me to pick up a new book,...

Top Albums List: DJ Musty

Starting with the older music, my favorites across time are Francoise Hardy, Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Surrealistic Pillow, (old) Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Martha and the Muffins, (young) Judy Garland, and CATERINA CASELLI. The lesser known Caterina Caselli was an Italian 60s pop goddess who bestowed smash hits. And most know Francoise Hardy for...

Top Albums List: DJ Ben

The top 10 or so are more or less my favorites, while the rest are somewhat random.

The 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere embodies the best the first wave of psychedelic rock had to offer, ambitious, transcendent, somewhat goofy but always earnest. As a displaced Texan, it has a special place in my heart....

Black Family Event at UC Davis


Our KDVS news reporter, Richard Robey, recently covered the annual black family event that UC Davis hosted. This event has been reoccurring at the UC Davis campus for 44 years, and includes many events such as vendors, live music, food, spoken word, and...

UC Davis Student Forum



On May 19th, 2015 UC Davis hosted a student forum to help create and transition to the ideal university of the 21st century. The forum allowed students to discuss what their vision is about the university in the future. This inactive was launched by the chancellor in late 2014, and is currently in phase 2, the listening phase. 

Monday News Segment 5.18. 2015

ucd cross cultural center

Today’s news segment will include the following topics: a recent culturally insensitive photo taken by the UC Davis Women’s Lacrosse team, remembering the Hunger Strike that brought about the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center, and a look at an art gallery put on by members of Iraq Veterans against the War.

Monday News Segment 5.11.2015

mental awareness UCD



This Monday news segment will cover the first annual mental awareness fair at UC Davis, a piece on a demand for a Palestinian Studies major, and a story on the event “End the Silence”, which focuses on college student suicide rates and mental health.

U Consent: The Campaign Against Sexual Violence


With increasing reports of sexual assault on university campuses across the country, UC president Janet Napolitano decided to take action by creating recommendations for all UCs to follow. This action was taken in order to relook sexual assault policies across campuses. KDVS News reporter, Will Phung, reports on the campaign.