Monday News Segment 3.9.2015



In our final news segment of the quarter, we cover the following topics: homeless count in Davis, Hepatitis C vaccinations/problems, and marine corps. 

Monday News Segment 2.23.2015



Due to technical difficulties, we’re reposting this past news segment. In this Monday news segment we discuss the world wide debt, tuition hike postponement, and the divestment bill made null at ‪‎UC Davis‬.

Recent Proposal for all Cyclists to Wear Helmets



Senator Carol Liu recently created a proposal for all cyclists to wear helmets. Our KDVS News reporter recently spoke with the legislative director of the Senator Liu’s office. More information about the proposal is discussed. 


Campus Production of Woyzeck




This KDVS News brief includes coverage and interviews of the on campus production Woyzeck. 

Meningitis at UC Davis

Our KDVS news reporter, Isabelle Bolla, covers the recent Meningitis case that occurred at UC Davis on February 23, 2015. Image from: Huffington Post...

Active Minds at UC Davis

Active Minds Club is a chapter of a larger non-profit organization trying to reduce the stigma associated with suicide. The club is planning an event on April 27-28th where 1100 diplomas will be displayed on the West Quad to represent college students that take their own lives every year. Image...

Homeless Veterans

Some of our homeless are actually veterans. Why is it that the general public is not aware of this fact? What sort of help is available for our homeless veterans? Active students contributing to help our veterans speak about this subject. Image from: thinkprogress.org/...

Interview with UCD Grad Ryan Shaw on Sexual Stereotypes

In modern day exists the popular sexual stereotype that women want stable and committed relationships whereas men want multiple sexual partners. Anthropologist Ryan Schacht and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder challenge this stereotype in their paper “Explaining Sex Differentiated Behavior in Humans: Sex Ration Effects on Reproductive Strategies”. Image from: savvyboheme.com/...