Top Albums List: DJ Musty

Starting with the older music, my favorites across time are Francoise Hardy, Peggy Lee, Nancy Sinatra, Surrealistic Pillow, (old) Fleetwood Mac, Cream, Martha and the Muffins, (young) Judy Garland, and CATERINA CASELLI. The lesser known Caterina Caselli was an Italian 60s pop goddess who bestowed smash hits. And most know Francoise Hardy for her song Le Tempes de La’amour – I don’t know if I wrote that right – which was featured in Wes Anderson’s film, Moonrise Kingdom. You might also be wondering why Judy Garland? and why specifically the soundtrack to Meet Me in St. Louis? This soundtrack has three spectacular songs sung by Judy Garland which are Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, Trolley Song, and an all time favorite that that this crusty Davis student listens to when she’s hung up over some ugly but funny guy – The Boy Next Door. 

On this list there’s an array of well-known alternative rock across the 2000s. When I was living in Roseville I really thought I REALLY THOUGHT I was special and quirky for listening to this secret amazing music. At the bottom of the list you’ll find the soundtrack to Kill Bill Vol. 1 and the soundtrack to Belladonna of Sadness, a psychedelic, classic animation about a witch. We’ve got a healthy mix of alternative queens throughout the list including Florence and the Machine (the first love of my life when she came out with that immaculate Dog Days Are Over music video in….2010. A DECADE AGO.) We’ve got Angel Olson, Mitski, Feist, and Julia Jacklin, newer lovers of mine but all are absolutely limitless, infallible, flawless. Feist especially her album, “Metals”, that creates new sounds that still sound like sounds but are different sounds if that makes ANY SENSE. 

On the boy band side of things, I am including Queen obviously because they are my fathers. They gave birth to me. I came out of Freddie Mercury. I’m not joking. Franz Ferdinand because they make me feel fancy and angry at the same time, Fleet Foxes because they make me feel like I’m taking a solemn walk along a river but there’s sun shining through the trees and its warming my bare shoulders. We’ve got Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird making that deep, rustic shit that I want to listen to while I walk around a dusty museum. yeah? There’s a couple more outliers in the list like Korean indie rock group HYUKOH, Electric Guest, the Sugarcubes (Bjork is the lead singer of this band), James Vincent McMorrow, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Duckwrth, Stromae, Steve Lacy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and more. 

In general, I listen to music for the feeling it gives me and the other world it transports me to and these are just a few of the albums which have taken me there.