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The Body and Thou: You, Whom I Have Always Hated Review

If you’re lurking within the depths of experimental music, it won’t take long

before you’re enclosed in complete darkness. The end of a cavern, seemingly leading

nowhere — but it’s far from being a dead end: it’s where those with heavy souls are

tunneling out new passages into the abyss...

Interview: Genuis

genuis We got a chance to catch up with electronic music act Genuis. After playing a string of shows, including opening for Au Revoir Simone and performing at the KDVS 50th Anniversary, Genuis is in the process of producing records, album art, and music videos for their album...

Interview: Jackie Trash

DSCN0335 We caught up with Jackie Trash, Linus Taylor's lo-fi pop / ambient musical endeavor, to talk about the latest album, skateboarding, and other rad things.   Who are you, where are you from? Linus Taylor a.k.a Jackie Trash from Canada. Jackie Trash sometimes consists of only me, sometimes of other...