Interview: Jackie Trash


We caught up with Jackie Trash, Linus Taylor’s lo-fi pop / ambient musical endeavor, to talk about the latest album, skateboarding, and other rad things.


Who are you, where are you from?

Linus Taylor a.k.a Jackie Trash from Canada. Jackie Trash sometimes consists of only me, sometimes of other individuals I know personally who I collaborate with.


I read somewhere that So Sad felt more like a loose collection of songs while your latest album feels more like a whole and conscious decision in terms of adding more tracks and contrasting between ambient and pop music. Having finished the album, what was the process of recording the material and the direction you wanted to take?

Essentially just a process of writing skeletons for songs and recording individual pieces over and over. Often having little to no control over the outcome of individual sounds due to malfunctioning and unpredictable gear. I simply wanted to create a piece of work that flowed in a certain way, with instrumental songs representing certain environments as well as communicating emotion.


What influences shaped your most recent album?

The Softies, Erik Satie, Willamette, Salem, Drag mixes of Early 2000’s pop music, Herbert Howells and Steve Reich. Also Liveleak footage and British Columbia Churches and Ghost Towns. Physical and Sonic environments were more important to me than musical influences.


So Sad was released by Z Tapes. Do you have any plans for physical releases for One Thousand Years in a Dreamscape?

No, absolutely none.


I saw that you posted an interview with legendary skateboarder Mark Gonzalez. Did skateboarding ever influence the music?

Well, since skateboarding is a form of expression of course it’s a huge influence. Mark Gonzales, Anthony Pappalardo and Ricky Oyola are all inspirations. I might even say Mark’s Kicked Out of Everywhere part had a more significant influence than a lot of the musicians I listed.


What skate videos get you excited?

Anything super raw street, stylish and freeform.


How do you feel about the revival of independent companies such as Polar, Welcome, Magenta, Palace, Fancy Lad, etc?

Go support Ricky Oyola’s Traffic company, go buy a board. Don’t let legends starve.


Any records (upcoming or already released) or bands you’re currently excited about?

Not currently, no. However, I am very excited for Heather Pineda and John Holland’s upcoming JUICE+ICE collaboration which you should go support.


Are you working on any other musical projects?

No, anything I do falls under this name. I am currently working on a series of upcoming videos for newly released songs.


Do you have any plans on touring or upcoming show?

Perhaps, but I’m disinterested in just playing pop songs. If I perform I want it to be visually oriented and ethereal. Probably playing more ambient and noise work than anything. We shall see.

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