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August ’23 Review Roundup

A few reviews featured in the most recent museletter <3. Including Versions of Modern Performance by Horsegirl, Everyone's Crushed by Water From Your Eyes, Ooh I Rap Ya by George Clanton, Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael and The Pod by Ween

Album Review: Karen O, Danger Mouse “Lux Prima”

Lux Prima (translating to “First Light”) was an album created to “find a place” not a “sound”, according to Danger Mouse. This is a beautiful album for a couple reasons. First, Karen O’s voice is absolutely stunning here and matches the refreshing feeling of every track. Second, the album is definitely experimental, with soft, mind-bending...

Album Review: Primitive and Deadly – EARTH

0003333087_10 [LISTEN] [Label: Southern Lord] [Date Released: September 2, 2014] [Genre: Experimental / Doom Metal / Drone] Tones bright as bells ringing in a hazy distance comfort as the path winds down from the mountain into the valley dark below. Sonic glory. On...