Album Review: Dylans “Settlers Adrift”

‘Settlers Adrift’ is the second full length album by Richmond/San Francisco based band Dylans; and a 24 minute ride through a dark twisted tunnel of emotions, featuring hysterically beautiful guitar riffs and gorgeous melodies cutting through a deep musical momentum that is sure to get you headbanging. Released just two years after their debut, this album is as dynamic and diverse as they come, containing rhythmically complex ragers such as ‘In-N-Out’ and ‘Atlantis Transit System’ in addition to tunes with surprisingly vulnerable lyrics, such as ‘Winter for Squirrels’ and ‘Chew Toy.’ The album has a strong post-punk feel to it, exemplifying revolution and anger with a good old power trio, while also being decidedly artistic and experimental. Perhaps the great duality of this album is that it would just as soon have you up on your feet moshing as it would have you contemplating the shadows in the night time. Lead singer Chad Bice’s voice is soft but powerful, impassioned but melancholy. Add in the booming textures of bass player Paul Avila-Nielsen and the percussive mastermind Trevor Skinner and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a deep, brooding, elegant, success. 
– DJ Lucas