Vipassana & Zen Silent Meditation


KDVS news’ Rebekah Velasco reports on a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat in Kelseyville, Ca, a CDP in Lake County, placed two hours north of Sacramento. Vipassana is an Indian meditation tradition aimed towards eliminating stress, suffering, and anxiety. Participants abstain from all forms of communication for the 10-day period, such as speaking, sign language, writing, and eye contact. (Image:

UC Davis Makes Forbe’s List for Number of Women in STEM


UCD was ranked #1 on Forbe’s list as the most highly valued degree for women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Our spring reporter, Myah Daniels, discusses the UC Davis grant program ADVANCE, which encourages women to establish careers in science and engineering; and interviews students in the program. (Image:

Watermelon Music Celebrates Duke Ellington’s Birthday


On Friday, April 29th, the Watermelon Music Store in downtown Davis hosted a celebration marking the store’s 20th anniversary and the 117th birthday of the late Jazz musician, Duke Ellington. Our spring reporter, Rebekah Velasco, interviews some of the local jazz vocalists and musicians who performed Ellington classics at the event. (Image:

Davis Nishi Gateway Project


The Downtown University Gateway District is a community project implemented by the city of Davis, UC Davis, and Yolo County to build a live and work development tailored towards post-graduate students involved with university inclined research. KDVS news reporter, Kelly Brady, interviews the project developer for the Davis project, Tim Ruff. (Image:

UCD Snaps


Our spring reporter, Danny Nilsen, discusses the emergence of the two snapchat accounts created for UC Davis students, titled “ucdsnaps” and “ucdxsnaps,” as well as the controversies surrounding them. (Image: UCD Snaps Facebook page)

UC Davis Clubs for Mental Illness


The winter piece covers the on-going efforts made by two big clubs on campus for mental health awareness, the Active Minds Club and the National Association on Mental Illness (NAMI). News reporter, Kelly Brady, interviews the president of NAMI in addition to one of the Public Relations officers for the Active Minds Club. (Image:

Unitrans London Buses


Our winter reporter, Julianne Roberts, writes about the London double-Decker buses that are utilized by Unitrans, UC Davis’ student-run transportation service. She interviews the student manager for Unitrans and former Unitrans maintenance manager, providing information about the vehicles’ upkeep and purpose in England during the late 1930’s to late 1970’s. (Image:

Music & memory lecture

image_normal UC Davis Psychology Professor Petr Janata and his team have found that the brain's medial prefrontal cortex serves as a link between musical cognition and memory recall. Professor Janata will be holding a lecture on the topic February 6, 2014 at the Tahoe Center for Environmental...

New short fiction publication

horror cover Anyone milling around Delta of Venus, KDVS, or Mishka's might have noticed a small white staple-bound publication that first popped up on Halloween. The publication is put out monthly by Panopticalm Press, featuring locally written short fiction. Camellia Gregorian interviewed Panopticalm founder Jared Law. Aired...

Changes to Davis alcohol law

Alcohol-consumption-is-ju-006 The Minor Alcohol Preclusion Act is an ordinance made by the Davis City Council that allows police to charge minors with a crime for having a blood alcohol level higher than .02. ASUCD is putting up a fight by saying that takes away rights and won't...