Middle School Friends

Alonely & Brotha Time



APRIL 19-25


Call inif you want to donate at 530-752-2777


We will have a new website going up tomorrow with all the information.


And don't forget: fundraiser.kdvs.org

This week we willl be featuring many of the bandsplaying on the picnic day stage and float:



>Grandmother Ham


>Night Nurse

>Halloween Swim Team

>Yoshitake Expe (Japan)


Experimental & Metal & Noise

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Monday 4/12/2010 @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Baker, Aidan / thisquietarmy Negative Continuity A Picture of a Picture Killer Pimp
People & Machines Sankar Sing-Drive On Home Sweet Home Freebased Art Collective
SubtractiveLAD Once the StarsHave Been watched awayfromthe sky Life at the End of the World n5MD
Jingle Bears JingleBears Jingle Bears Teddy Bear Picture Records
Predominance From Ancient Aeons Nocturnal Gates of Innocence LOKI Foundation
Sunken Landscapes/My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone Sunken Landscapes-Other Side of Space Split 7" Nihil Underground
Sunken Landscapes/My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone My Phone is better than your cell phone- a gun named jesus Split 7" Nihil Underground
Contrastate Midnight In this Century Self Titled Functional Organization British
Franicis Dhomont Vol d'andrones jalones Imed Cananda
Jeck, Phillip and Janeck Schaefer Taxim Songs for Europe Asphodel
Poppet Future Fantastic Infant Inappropriate Self-Released PLAYING PICNICDAY STAGE
Grandmother Ham xilomen. Ichthyotl Self Released PLAYING PICNICDAY STAGE