The Not-So-Silent Disco

deskangel & DJ Dairy & DJ Diva



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Wednesday 2/21/2024 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Movements Heaven Sent Ruckus! Fearless current
I Hate Myself Kill All Monsters Ten Songs
The Chariot Die Interviewer (I Am Only Speaking in German)
Pianos Become the Teeth Fake Lighting Wait For Love
The Bled Antartica Found in The Flood
Books Lie Williamsburg is Burning It A Weapon
Search & Seizure Subterranean Nothing Natural
Planes Mistaken for Stars Glassing Up in Them Guts
Portugal. The Man Stables And Chairs Waiter: “You Vultures!”
The Good Life Lovers Need Lawyers Album of The Year
Minus The Bear Electric Rainbow Lost Loves
Iron Lung Sexless// No Sex Sexless// No Sex
The Damned Darkadelic You’re Gonna Realise
Braid Angel Falls Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five
Wray Dymaxion Dream Hypatia
Black Tambourine We Can't Be friends Black Tambourine
Stella Luna Stargazer Stargazer
Air Formation Caught Upon the Waves Stay Inside/ Feel Everything
Should Sprangle Fission
Ride Vapour Trail Nowhere
Client/Server Hexentan Hexentanz with No End Self-Released