Ought Cot Dot Trot

DJ Supreme Whip Cream


Avant Garde & Bold & Current & Experimental

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Wednesday 8/30/2023 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Barberellas Teenage Werewolf Queen of the Galaxy
The Popguns Waiting for the Winter Eugenie
Skinned Teen Pillow case kisser Bazooka SMooth
Sleeper Alice in Vain Smart
Salad Morotbike to heaven Drink Me
Thee Headcoatees Ca Plaine Pour Moi The Sisters of Suave
Feline Just as You Are Save Your Face
Peanut pump gun A God I dont beleive in Indie Love
SNowpony 3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead the slow motion world of snowpony
bis kill your boyfriend I love bis
Shampoo Don't Call Me Babe Girl Power
The Delgados Under canvas Under wraps Domesttiques
Lungleg Edith Massey Hello Sir
Lush For Love Spooky
Catherine Wheel Texture Ferment
Teenage Fanclub Is This Music? Bandwagonesque
Eat Shame Epicure
Daisy Chainsaw Love Your money Eleventeen
Voodoo Queens I'm Not Bitter (Ijust want to kill you) Chocolate Revenge
PJ Harvey Dress Dry
Sharp Nine No Tiles Free Untimed
Mental Hippie Blood Law Breaks Law Mental Hippie Blood
Bettie Seervert Kid's Alright Palomine
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Kill Your Television God Fodder
Spiderbait Calypso Ivy & The Big Apples
Deadstar Dont it get you down Milk
The SUperjesus Down Again Sumo
Fur 13 Queer Loud as Ever (SOund as Ever Compilation
Superette Saskatchewan Tiger
Smudge Impractical Joke This Smudge is True
Stepford 5 Little Sisters of Satan Girls of Garage Rock Comp
Seaweed Goorillas TV Loud as Ever (SOund as Ever Compilation