DJ Sagebrush

A background on the early history of recorded sound will be the first topic discussed. Did you know Thomas Edison's first recordings were made on tin foil? We'll listen to some of the earliest audio recordings made featuring Theodore Roosevelt (1912), Warren G. Harding (1920), William Jennngs Bryan (1908), William Taft (1908), Sir William Shackleton (1910) and Thomas Edison (1919). In contrast to these faint recordings, the next recording will be the sound of the Space Shuttle STS-117 taking off from Cape Canaveral. The recording was made three miles from the launch site and is DEAFENING!! The subject of "noise" will continue with a top ten list consisting of the loudest animals in the world. Things will mellow out considerably as the next focus will be on the peaceful Dalai Lama. Father Time and Mother Nature will enter the picture followed by elaboration on the vanishing bowling alleys across the land. 



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Monday 8/28/2023 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
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