I Don't Get Out Much




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Thursday 8/03/2023 @ 10:30AM - 12:00PM
Isotope 217 Kryptonite Smokes the Red Line The Unstable Molecule
The Durutti Column Red Shoes The Guitar and Other Machines
Wall of Voodoo Red Light Dark Continent
Eleventh Dream Day Orange Moon single
Erykah Badu Orange Moon Mama's Gun
Yellow Sunshine Yellow Sunshine Conquer the World: The Lost Soul of Philadelphia International Records
Henry Cow Extract from "With the Yellow-Half Moon and Blue Star" Legend
Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon single damaged disc :(
Silver Apples Seagreen Serenades Silver Apples
Mort Garson Rhapsody in Green Mother Earth's Plantasia
Frank Zappa Son of Mr. Green Genes Hot Rats
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Blue Rondo a la Turk Time Out
Loma Blue Rainbow Don't Shy Away
Sun City Girls Blue West Funeral Mariachi
Brian Wilson In Blue Hawaii Smile
Jean Jacques Perrey Moog Indigo Moog Indigo
Jackie Mittoo Purple Heart Macka Fat
The Field Mice White Snowball
The Raincoats Black and White
Add N to (X) The Black Regent
Oingo Boingo Grey Matter