Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer

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The Metal

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Saturday 6/03/2023 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Enslaved I Lenker Til Ragnarok Blodhemn Osmose
Dodsferd Failure Was Described As Religion, as Heresy Cursing Your Will To Live Moribund
Black Dawn Of Blackest Witchcraft Blood For Satan Necropolis
Artificial Brain Moon Funeral Labyrinth Constellation Profound Lore
Godflesh Christbait Rising Streetcleaner
Full of Hell/Merzbow Blue Litmus Full of Hell/Merzbow
Sunn O))) It Took the Night to Believe Black One [DUPLICATE CD] Southern Lord
Ephel duath I Killed Rebecca Pain Necessary to Know
Kayo Dot The Knight Errant Moss Grew on the Sounds and Plowshares Alike
Isis So Did We Panopticon Ipecac
Taake III Nattestid... Peaceville
Svartidauði Venus Illegitima The Synthesis of Whore and Beast Terratur Possessions
Dødsengel Azonei Wyrdwalker Mirium Occultum Terratur Possessions
Trelldom Steg Til minne... Regain Records