Brain Drain

DJ Red & Static


Hip Hop & New Wave & Noise Rock & Punk & R&B

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Friday 5/19/2023 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Heart Shaped Hate Haircuts Bitch, Plz
Shooting Daggers Liar Liar
Cerce Damaged Goods Discography 2011-2013
The Phlegms I Will Find You Smile
Street Play You Don't Know Sirens
Homewrecker and the Bedwetter Fem 4 All Vol 2: Gay, onstage, and full of rage
Shark Teeth Baby Guts The Kissing Disease
Butter 08 It's The Rage Butter 08
Are You Who You Wanna Be? Jigsaw Youth Are You Who You Wanna Be?
Fish Money Itchy Kitty Feargasm
Nine of Swords Watch I Can't Stand My Own Face
Niis False Ideals Must Be...
Pest Control The Great Deceiver Don't Test The Pest
Venus Twin The Whole Thing Is Sick Eat Your Dog
School Drugs Broken Absolution
Chapterhouse Mesmerise Best Of Sony
Still Corners White Sands The Last Exit Wrecking Light Records
Asobi Seksu Strawberries Citrus Friendly Fire Recordings
Rumskib Where Are The Flowers? Rumskib Darla Records
Cathedral Bells Heavy Rain Velvet Spirit Good Eye Records
Swiss Portrait Your Mind Familiar Patterns Z Tapes
Pia Fraus Pretend to Be Here Nature Heart Software Seksound
Asobi Seksu Coming Up Fluorescence Polyvinyl Records
A Beacon School Hum Cola Grind Select + House Arrest
Launder Chipper Happening Ghostly International
Airiel Molten Young Lovers Molten Young Lovers Feeltrip Records
Cryogeyser Marie Glitch Terrible Records