To Surf with Love

D Eb B E

(Spelled in musical terms: "D, E flat, B, E. but pronounced "Debbie". Email: [no "i" in my name]. Thanks for your patience for a reply.)


Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!




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Friday 2/14/2020 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Mr. T Experience I'm Still Not Done Loving You, Mama King Dork Approximately
Mr. T Experience Here She Comes Revenge is Sweet, and so are You
The Pixies Here Comes your Man Here Comes Your Man
Phranc It's Cool to Get Old
The Fantastic Baggys A Surfer's Boy Dream Come True The Best of the Fantastic Baggys
The Ventures Love Goddess of Venus Lonely Bull & Ventures in Outer Space
The Cramps Bikini Girls with Machine Guns
Dave Myers & the Surftones King Surf Hangin' Twentyy
Jan & Dean Honolulu Lulu Greatest Hits
Bruce Johnson Surfer's Delight Del-Fi Beach Party
Johnny Fortune Surfer's Trip Rare Surf, V3
The Fathoms Overboard Rock Don't Run, V3
The Del Vamps Yacky Doo Play with Fire
The Royal Fingers Black Sand Beach Wild Eleki Deluxe
Satan's Pilgrims Beach Binge Satan's Pilgrims
Surf Trio Let Her Dance Safari in a Living Graveyard
Los Straitjackets Pop Rocks & Coke Jet Set
The Surfaris Sufer Joe Wipe Out
Johnny Barakat & the Vestels Surf Madness Rare Surf, V3
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones Grudge Run Greatest Hits, 1961-1976
The Original Surfaris Bombora Legends of Guitar, Surf, V1
The Riptides Machine Gun The Birth of Surf, V3
The Rondels Caledonia Teen Beat 6
The Belairs Bedlam Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, Shockwave!
The Bomboras Kamikaze It Came from Pier 13!
The Lively Ones Wild Weekend Surf Drums
The Judy's Her Wave
Reverent Horton Heat In Your Wildest Dreams Liquor in the Front
The Groovies Ghoulies (I've Got) Love to Give 99 Lives
The Hi-Fives I'd be so Pleased Forward Till Death, 1999
Preston Epps Bongo Beach Del-Fi Beach Party
Preston Epps Mister Bongo Lost Treasures
The Head Henchmen Party at the Bongo Oh No! it's the Head Henchmen
Los Straitjackets Tsunami! Viva! Los Straitjackets
The Phantoms The Phantoma Ku-Pow
The Baymen Bonzai The Birth of Surf, V3
Gary Hoey Riptide The Endless Summer II
Southern Culture on the Skids Dick's Theme Too Much Pork for Just One Fork
The Torpedoes Green Light Lucky You
The Insect Surfers Ocean Maid Death Valley Coastline
The Boss Martians Hot Doggin' The Boss Martians
The Eliminators Moment of Truth Unleashed
The Madieras Twlight Tribal Fires
Satan's Pilgrims The Fountain Around the World with Satan's Pilgrims
Aqua Velvets Martin Denny, Esq. Surfmania
The Ramrods Night Ride Teen Beat 6