Nuclear Bomber Jacket

Dogman and the Hillbillies

My fear's like a wall

I don't need no walls at all

Like the shining sun

Shining sun is so much fun...

My fear's like a wave

Just ride it out; just let it cave

Like the shining sun

Shining sun is so much FUN.




Experimental Rock & Jazz & Noise Rock & No Wave & Posthardcore

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Sunday 1/19/2020 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Oxes Top Trucker Oxes EP Monitor
Pink and Brown Enter Officer, Exit Wound Final Foods ToYo album ID 31553; system rejects the number
v/a Contortions- Dish it out No New York Lilith
Oh Sees The Daily Heavy Face Stabber Castle Face
Butthole Surfers The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave s/t EP Alternative Tentacles album ID 85659
Thee Hydrogen Terrors Mexico! Terror, Diplomacy, and Public Relations Load from the library but there's no ID on it
Chinese Stars arson hotline turbo mattress Skin Graft
Black Pus Exerschism Black Pus 3: Metamorpus DiareahRama
Sword Heaven Faceless Nameless Entrance Load
Air Conditioning Where to Litter / Trash Burning Dead Rails Load
The USA Is a Monster God is Red Wohaw Load
Djunah Brother Ex Voto Triple Eye Industries
Mannequin Pussy Drunk II Patience Epitaph
Paint Thinner Hagioscope to the Heart Hagioscope to the Heart OBLEK