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Country is a big word.

 And we're going to play it all. 

 Country, blues, folk, bluegrass, modern, classic and roots.

Country is a big word ! 


Bluegrass & Blues & Country & Folk

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Saturday 11/09/2019 @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Mike Denver The Galway Girl The Galway Boy Eire co. Galway, 2009
Malin Pettersen Bitch Please References Pt. 1 Norway, 2018
Kelsey Waldon White Noise, White Lines White Noise/ White Lines Ky, 2019
Georgette Jones Pretty Good Mistake Skin 2019
Shook, Sarah & The Disarmers Nothing Feels Right But Doin' Wrong Side Long Self Released NY, 2016
Caroline Spence Who's Gonna Make My Mistakes Mint Condition Va, 2019
Sunny Sweeney Better Bad Idea Trophy Tx, 2017
Ashley McBride One Night Standards One Night Standards Ar, 2019
Jade Jackson Long Way Home Wilderness Ca, 2019
Carson McHone GTDB (Good Time Daddy Blues) Goodluck Man Tx, 2015
Patershuk, Matt Bear Chase If Wishes Were Horses Black Hen Music Alberta, 2019
Jonas, Karen Country Songs Lucky, Revisited self released Va, 2019
Los Tipitos Se te nota El Club De Los Martes ARG, 2010
Guasones Me está tratando mal Parque de Depresiones ARG, 2011
Memphis La Bluesera La flor más bella - En Vivo 25th Aniversario (en vivo) ARG, 2004
Linda Bandry Historia de amor Buenos Dias Country Music Tn, 2011
Mancha De Rolando En la calle (Locura y Libertad) Bala de Plata ARG, 2018
Patricia Vonne El marinero Y La Sirena Worth It Tx, 2010
Stephanie Urbina Jones Vamanos (Let's Go) Fiery Angel Tx, 2015
Danny Shain She's One Of A Kind Two Good Friends born in Oregon lives in Peru 2016
Ortega, Lindi Blue Bird Little Red Boots Last Gang Records Toronto, 2011
Mariel Buckley Driving in the Dark Driving In The Dark Calgary, 2018
Shaela Miller Cheatin' & Lyin' Bad Ideas Alberta, 2018
Emily Triggs Middletown Middletown Quebec, 2019
Del Barber Dancing In the Living Room Easy Keeper Manitoba, 2019
Katheryn Legendre Going Crazy Making It Up Tx, 2019
JP Harris, Malin Pettersen The Last Thing On My Mind Why Don't We Duet in the Road (Again) Tn/Nor 2019
Mandy Barnett Far Far Away I Can't Stop Loving You Tn, 2019
Kristina Murray Slow Kill Souther Ambrosia Ga, 2018
Lee Brice Dixie Highway Lee Brice SC, 2017
Jessica Malone Wake Up With The Sun Mile Left To Walk Mt. Shasta Ca, 2017