1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

Pirate getting ready for mountain fun! 

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14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA




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Friday 11/08/2019 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Vicitimizer Worthy of Hell Resurrected Abominations
Nokturne Razor Ritual Kruelty Kampaign
1349 Enter Cold Void Dreaming Infernal Pathway See them live @ the Oakland Metro Operahouse 11/9/19
7H.Target Japan Body Hammer Fast-Slow Demolition
Black Blood of the Earth Journey Into Death Wave of Cold
Kampar Blitzwitch Mare
Uada Natus Eclipsim Devoid of Light See them live @ the Oakland Metro Operahouse 11/9/19
Pyrexia Path of Disdain Unholy Requiem
Torchbearer Severings Death Meditations
Svartsot Tvende Ravne Ravnenes Saga
Setherial The Nighrealm Hell Eternal
Atomic Aggressor Bloody Ceremonial Rise of the Ancient Ones
Vomitory Rotting Hill Blood Rapture
Thyrfing Digerdoden Vansinnesvisor
Tiamat Forever Burning Flames Couds
Thy Antichirst A World Burnt to Ashes Wrath of the Beast
Lucifer's Child El Dragon The Order
Eikenskaden Anthology There is no light at the end of the tunnel
Cloak A Voice in the Night The Burning Dawn See them live @ the Oakland Metro Operahouse 11/9/19
Morbid Execution On the Threshold of the Unseen Total Devotion
Kvelertak Blodtorst Kvelertak
HeavenShallBurn Godiva Veto
Integrity Flames of the Immortal Split with Krieg
War Total War We Are Total War