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Monday 12/23/2019 @ 10:00PM - 1:00AM
HG Lewis Official Warning Blood Feast & 2000 Maniacs Rhino
James Chance Christmas With Satan Christmas With Satan Mini CD Tiger Style
The Flesheaters Miss Muerte Miss Muerte Upsetter
The Damned Sick of Being Sick Peel Sessions Strange Fruit
Penis Flytrap Tears of Blood Tales of Terror Bloody Daggre
Porn Orchard Holiday Season
Georges Montalba Ritual Fire Dance Fantasy in Pipe Organ and Percussion & Pipe Organ Favorites
Christa Hughes My Favorite Things Misfits (Collection)
MDC Merry Fucking Christmas Mein Trumpf
The Cryptkeeper Twas the Fright Before Christmas Tales From the Crypt
Strap on Halo Ode to Krampus Ode to Krampus 7"
Nina Hagen Mary X-Mas
Nina Hagen Sally's Lied Nightmare Before Christmas
Ben Becker The Song of Gloomy Sunday Gloomy Sunday
Anton LaVey La Mooche Satan Takes a Holiday Adversary
People Like Us Another Kind of Humor Recyclopedia Britanica Mess Media