Apartment 5

baby d

my dudes

it's yr man

baby d

comin at u with a 

v special

v day episode

valentine's that is.

not the one that


commemorates allied victory

in europe.

nah dude.

the other v day.

the one you celebrate by

telling a bunch

of strangers you love them

on the radio

and giving them a nice big

bouquet of jams.


did you know?

it's true.

ok enough chit chat let's


<3 baby d


Altrock & General Monday Morning Vibes & Indiepop & Shoegaze & Twee

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Monday 2/11/2019 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Pet Milk February Fourteenth
Lilys February Fourteenth Tone Bender Summershine 1993
The Mondo Crescendo Spaceship Terrific Get Faded Dial 1998
Small Factory Not Afraid Suggestions Collision Time 1991
Mark & The Spies But I Do Mark & The Spies Screaming Apple 2007
Heavenly Me and My Madness The Decline and Fall of Heavenly Sarah 1994
Die Funf Freunde Richtig Fur Mich Aggro Autarc 1995
Wire Train Chamber of Hellos In a Chamber Columbia 1984
Brilliant Colors Yell in the Air Introducing Slumberland 2009
Jens Lekman Become Someone Else's I Know What Love Isn't Service 2012
Liechtenstein Postcard Survival Strategies In A Modern World Fraction Discs 2009
Trambeat Walk a Mile in My Shoes Tales From The Comprehensives Firestation 2015
The Cantels I Want to Be Alone I Want To Be Alone Bubble 1988
The Besties The Gothenburg Handshake Home Free Hugpatch 2009
Birdie Linus Such a Sound it 2000
Fat Tulips Big Toe Starfish Vinyl Japan 1994
Phony Silent Place Good Times - Silent Place EP Firestation Tower 2001
Salad Boys Dream Date Salad Boys Melted Ice Cream 2013
Times New Viking Sleep-In Over & Over Siltbreeze 2012
Our American Cousins Commie or Valentine Teeny Poppers Anorak 1992
Coming Up Roses I Could Have Been Your Girlfriend (If You Asked Me To) I Said Ballroom Utility 1989
The Visitors I Remember Miss Matinee 2000
Surfin Dave & the Absent Legends Living White Hell In Search Of A Decent Haircut Crammed Discs 1985
Avo-8 Out of My Mind Out of My Mind Cherry Red 1990
The Poconos Valentine's Day / Ten Hour Drive Days Are Getting Shorter Jigsaw 1999
Laugh Paul McCartney Paul McCartney The Remorse Label 1987
Gaze Noticed Me Shake the Pounce K 1999
Les Calamites Je Suis Une Calamite Snapshot(s) Snapshot 1983
The Lovelies Stupid Habit Growing Up In A Small Town Elefant 1992
Blab Happy Never No More Mad Surge E.P. F-Beat 1991
Sloan People of the Sky Twice Removed DGC 1994
Galileo Galilei Kite Portal SME 2012