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Sunday 10/29/2017 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Joe Frank A Call In the Night WBAI and NPR Playhouse A young man and old woman meet in a plague ridden city. Cast: Beth Dixon, Eric Sears, Paul Mantell, Irene Wagner, Arthur Miller, and Joe Frank
Joe Frank The Death of Trotsky WBAI and NPR Playhouse Assassin Jackson Mornard arrives in a sleepy town outside of Mexico City. His intention is to kill the Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, while he works on Stalin?s biography and corresponds with a Korean schoolchild. Mornard recalls visiting a grave outside of Barcelona in the rain and takes up with Sylvia, Trotsky?s secretary, thereby infiltrating the inner circle. We learn of Kierkegaard?s conundrum and the problem of revisionist history. Everything leads to the murder of Trotsky.