The Yellow Brick Road

DJ Yolo Ono & Seoul Sista

last show of the quarter!

tune in for the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

spring returns tonight with 春回 aka DJ YOLO ONO! :D

the playlist today is going to go from more relaxed/upbeat melodic beats to really exciting trap so ... i'd tune in 


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Monday 3/20/2017 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
banks gemini feed (swell remix)
wet all the ways (branchez remix) NYC - "producer tryna write hits"
tei shi how far Valerie Teicher, best known by her stage name Tei Shi, is an Argentine indie pop singer-songwriter and producer currently based in Brooklyn
marian hill down American songwriting duo from Philadelphia
dugong jr ft. layne & fossa beats lies from melbourne, australia - part of diplo's mad decent family -- "Like water dripping off a dinosaur’s back"
josh pan annabelle nest hq: IS HE 20 PEOPLE????
zhu nightcrawler mysterious man
cupidon ft. tierra be the one
smalltown djs ft. Lisa lobsinger erased the night dj duo from calgary - that's the singer of broken social scene!
alunageorge not above love (DEVAULT remix) from OC, CA
vindata (ft. Njomza and Alex & Alex) right now hip hop beats with deep r&b passions, and indie-pop sensibilities; the pair are on a mission to expand how we define dance music
bebe rexha i got you (snbrn remix) from LA, SNRBN labels his own music as "Sunset House" on SoundCloud.[2] According to Lollapalooza, he mixes elements of deep house, indie dance, and nu disco while maintaining its accessibility.
chrome sparks wake project of jeremy malvin from brooklyn NY
hex cougar morning light from LA
ukko perfume ukko means 'god of heaven' in finnish mythology, couldn't find much on the artist, but could this be a play on that?
yntendo ft. kirsten collins straight fire electronic duo from US
graves no sunshine aka christian from honolulu hawaii, he worked w/ kanye for 5 years
mura masa and charli xcx 1 night new release... a summer track, no?
snbrn & blu j ft. cara frew you got me
harikiri ghibli harikiri metathesized is 'seppuku' - a suicide ritual of samurais in ancient japan
m.r.i. morphine
lido murder (alexander lewis and y2k remix) lido - oslo,norway, alexander lewis - classical training, skilled in trombone, y2k - self proclaimed "professional sellout"
lloyd grand and whipped cream selva
bassnectar & ATLiens interlock If you’re into Bass Music, then the name Bassnectar is no alien term. He has always been one of the leaders in Drum & Bass,Dubstep & Trap scene
hex cougar ft. jarell perry afterlife
saint wknd ft. hoodlem golden (party pupils remix) LA/NYC
cuushe swing your heart kyoto native dream pop
goldroom ft george maple embrace (le youth remix) despite the french name, he's just a guy from LA
sam gellaitry ceremony