Joker & Timaeus

All Vinyl hip hop tracks tonight. Not that either of us know too much about hip hop. Or vinyl. Listening was pretty fun, especiallty running songs that aer supposed to be 33s at 45. It's pretty entertaining. Like animals playing sports. Or children playing sports aginast adults who refuse to hold back. Weeee.



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Sunday 8/17/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Blackalicious Alphabet Aerobics Blackalicious
Poet Society Catastrophe 2 Poet Society
Immobliarie Let it Bounce 718
EPMD Give The People EMPD
K-OS The Love Song The Love Song Virgin
Buckshot laFonque The Future Music Evolution
Skullflower Slaves Skullflower
Freestyle Fellowship Temptations Freestyle Fellowship
DeLoach Labor of Love The Life and Times of Wally Delux
Choclair Internal Affairs Choclair
Akrobatik Internet MCs Internet MCs
Party Posse Steppin' In Doo Doo It's Party Time
Demastas Feel No Guilt Demastas
Da Beatminerz Mafia Doin Mafia Don / Come 2 Do Root Down
The Veteranz Da Remedy (Da Medicine Remix) Da Medicine / Da Remedy Select
Alphabet Soup Walkin' Roots Layin' Low in the Cut Prawn Song
Big Mike Playa Playa Playa Playa / Having Thing
Loer Velocity Song I SIng Song I Sing / Conversation Piece Embedded Music
Flesh n Bone Nothin But Da Bone In Me Nothin But Da Bone In Me Def Jam
Roots Game Theory Game Theory Def Jam