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Rock Shurewood

Lots of synthesizer this morning as we pay homage to the doctor, Bob Moog, who passed away back on Aug. 21, 2005.  We will hear Synergy, Kraftwerk, and other tidbits both old and new. Our Improbably Proggy selection comes to us from The Cure. Hope you are able to listen!

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Saturday 8/16/2014 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Kraftwerk Autobahn Autobahn Philips German trailblazers.
Synergy Legacy Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra Third Contact Larry Fast, met Wakeman and worked with Yes on Tales before doing this one.
Kayak Bury the World Royal Bed Bouncer Pseudonym Dutch progressive rock.
Strawbs Antique Suite Antiques and Curios A&M For my mom, who passed 7-27-14.
Supertramp School Crime of the Century A&M That scream at the beginning is harrowing.
Morse, Portnoy & George Teacher Cover to Cover Radiant Records Faithful Tull cover, and after all, don't teachers issue Progress Reports?
The Beatles Here Comes the Sun Abbey Road Apple Harrison on Mini Moog
Egg Wring Out The Civil Surface Cherry Red
Beardfish Where the Rain Comes in Destined Solitair Inside Out Sweden
The Cure Plainsong Disintigration Electra Improbably Proggy
Perfect Beings Fiction Perfect Beings My Sonic Temple New release 2014
Rick Wakeman Homage to the Doctor Retro President For Bob Moog