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Robin Redbeast

DJ Rick pinch hits


Impressionistic Soundscapes & Notmusic & Old Music & Skunch

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Monday 7/28/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Melchior, Dan Robotic Footprints Hunger Castle Face 2014
Rat Columns Fooling Around Leaf R.I.P. Society 2014
What's Yr Damage? Mourning Against split 7-inch w/ Kodan Armada Dead Tank 2004
Rose for Bohdan/Business Lady BL - Fidgitable split LP Half Adder Press 2005
The Ex Happy Thoughts Tumult F.A.I. 1983
The Static My Relationship Theoretical Record 7-inch Theoretical 1979
YBO² Heavy Waters Alienation Transrecords 1986
Einstürzende Neubauten Haus Der Lüge (Live) Strategies Against Architecture II Mute 1991
Europ Europ Pre Lies Repeating Mistakes Enfant Terrible 2014
Neonlichter in Ausverkauf Godzilla frisst ne Valium v/a: Sie Hat Schenkel wie Godzilla Hertz-Schrittmacher 2014
Aloa Lebendig und Vital Aloa Medical 2014
Aloa Fremdes Haus Aloa Medical
Damaged Bug Gloves for Garbage/Rope Burn Hubba Bubba Castle Face 2014
Cheveu Albinos Bum Born Bad 2014
He Said Kidnap Yourself Hail Mute 1986
Cute Heels Metal Disco Spiritual Dark Entries
C.O.M.A. Verre Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik Danger 2013 (orig 1979)
Ich Bin Danger Obeis! Poutre Apparente 2006
Discodeath Les Robots self-titled Hertz-Schrittmacher 2013
Burnt Skull God Hole Sewer Birth 12XU 2014
Dasher Time Flies Go Rambo 7-inch Die Slaughterhaus 2014
Catatonic Youth I've Had It Piss Scene 7-inch HoZac 2008
Lubricated Goat Nerve Quake Plays the Devils Music Red Eye 1987
Reptiles at Dawn Do the Maelstrom Naked in the Wilderness Cadaver 1986
Billy Syndrome If We Don't Know Any Better, It Doesn't Get any Better than This Message is a Mess Slutfish 1995
Fearless Leader Tortured Soul v/a: Gimme the Keys Trigon 1988
Hectic Heyday Table Top Dream v/a: Suffer This Gawdawful 1988
The Thing BLU 4 U BLU 4 U 7-inch Noiseville 1990
Sacred Product Been a Quick Year self-titled Heinous Anus 2014
Toiling Midgets Shooting Gallery Sea of Unrest Instant 1982
Easter Monkeys Take Another Pill Splendor of Sorrow Hit & Run 1990