Ten Gallon Cats

DJ Tanner & hyperswag


Alternative & Electronic & Folk & Funk & Hip Hop & Indie Rock & Jazz & New Wave & R&B & Soul

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Sunday 6/01/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Fuzz Sleigh Ride Fuzz In The Red
Green Day Sassafras Roots Dookie Warner Bros
Black Sabbath End of the Beginning 13 Republic Records/Vertigo
Dream Theater In The Presence of Enemies - Part 1 Systematic Choas Roadrunner
Megadeth Sudden Death Th1rt3en Roadrunner
Dragonforce Throught THe Fire And the Flames Inhuman Rampage Roadrunner
Sodom My Final Bullet Epitome of Torture SPV
Black Mountain Tyrants In The Future Jagjaguwar
Li, Lykke I Never Learn I Never Learn Atlantic
Thee Oh Sees Encrypted Bounce Drop Castleface
Grobe, Klaus Johann Les Grecks Im Sinne Der Zeit Trouble in Mind
Spies, The Egyptian Bird Song The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace Siltbreeze
Cousins Other Ocean The Halls of Wickwire Ba Da Bing
Roche, Nathan Hollywood Magnetic Memories Glenlivet-A-Gogh
CCR Headcleaner Fixx The Fan Lace The Earth 2013 With Arms Wide Open Pizza Burglar
Die Schacht Finsternis Halber Selbstbetrug Siltbreeze
So Many Wizards Daydream Night Chills b/w Daydream Lolipop
Dark Matter The Face Of Evil Dark Matter Siltbreeze
Comrade Question Old Pepe Polo Superdreamer
Mirror Travel Sands Mexico Modern Outsider
National, The Slipped Trouble Will Find Me 4 AD
Tripping Daisy Sonic Bloom Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb