The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus


Fartcore & Punk & Rock

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Tuesday 5/06/2014 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Ass Baboons of Venus 4am coffee song The 4 A.M. Coffee Song STINGY BANANA
the sleaze live wire
Johnny Noise The Day Is Coming Siltbreeze
satan panonski
manatees witch
Manateees tree house Cat Food Goner
fuckemos y.m.
LIVEFASTDIE got nitedo Hit Stains Almost Ready
gizmos the midwest can be alright
Cumstain sippy cup/blown out White People Problems Resurrection Records
Pookie & His Poodlez crushin The Last Thing I Did As A Teenager Rubber Vomit
Resurrectionists, The Obsession Waltz Working Class Since 1832 Resurrection Records
Basic Cable everyones nice and nobody matters I'm Good To Drive Permanent
neurosis pollution
Honey Badgers d minor Buena Park Resurrection Records
Sewers Pleasure Receptor Hoisted Homeless
intelligence mindf*ck em
negazione noi
Mono One Step More and You Die Arena Rock