Tripping with the Flower Vato

 photo Hypno_Square_zpsbdd86739.gif Lots of post-punk and experimental jams will be slithering your way today. The Pop Group, African Head Charge, Amps For Christ, Disco Zombies, SMEGMA and Brigitte Bardot will be in the mix.


Eclectic & International

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Tuesday 5/06/2014 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Alf Danielson Glover v/a Killing Capitalism With Kindness
The Space Lady Major Tom Recorded Live In San Francisco
Kerem Guney Aglayi Aglayi v/a Turkish Freakout 2
Brigitte Bardot Contact v/a Pop A Paris
Disco Zombies Dead Finks (Here Come The Buts) Drums Over London
Brian Eno Dead Finks Don't Talk Here Come The Warm Jets
Tripod Jimmie Mirror On The Wall Long Walk Off A Short Pier
Psychic Youth The Future Now Step In Time 7"
Christine 23 Onna Drive To Crystal Planet Shiny Crystal Planet
Nisennenmondai Destination Tokyo Destination Tokyo
Lou Reed Metal Machine Music A-4 Metal Machine Music 1975
The Pop Group We Are Time Y 1979
Minny Pops Goddess Dolphin's Spurt 7" 1981
Home and Garden Fix My Horn (My Brakes Don't Work) How I Spent My Vacation 1982
Nigel Bunn Goodbye God Baby Goodbye v/a Killing Capitalism With Kindness
Lucia Pamela Flip Flop Fly Into Outer SPace With Lucia Pamela
Smegma Half A Billion Glamour Girl 1941 1979