Neonate (Fighting for a Future)

M. Riot & Punk Roge

Punk Rock and Cesar Chavez! Rock on!

This weekend highlights:
* Rock the free food! --> Food Not Bombs
* Net Neutrality:
* New Punk Rock!
* Your Punk Rock requests!
* And so much more!

Help Mike Filth from the band Filth beat cancer!


mar 30 sun Dead Dads, Magi-Kool Doods, Strange Party
       at Third Space Art Collective, 946 Olive Drive, Davis
       a/a $5 ($3 with non-perishable food item) 7pm **
       (Davis Food Not Bombs Benefit)

Angry Samoans + Rat Damage + Piss Cat + Crude Studs + Alarms.
Blue Lamp, 1400 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento $10/12, 21+.


Hardcore & International Punk & Punk & Riot Grrrl & Street Punk

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Sunday 3/30/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Sound bite
Subversives Banned At The Border From Here... To Nowhere Charged
Various Artists Wisdom In Chains - Nazi Headstomp Northern Aggression - Project Boneyard II Insurgence/Good Night White Pride/Turn It Down
MDC/Restarts MDC - Maryjane For President Mobocracy Rodent Popsicle/Crash Assailant
MDC/Restarts Restarts - Backwards Mobocracy Rodent Popsicle/Crash Assailant
Resist Intro/Submit and Obey/Get Ahead Resistography Profane Existence
Antischism Failsafe Still Life Prank
Various Artists Brujeria - Marcha De Odio Spanglish 101 Kool Arrow
Epidemic Apocalyptic Nightmare Epidemic Rodent Popsicle
Pistol Grip Aristocratic State The Shots From The Kalico Rose BYO
TSOL Weathered Statues Thoughts Of Yesterday, 1981-982 Posh Boy
Descendents Hey Hey Two Things At Once SST
Weirdos Solitary Confinement Weird World Frontier
Kraut All Twisted Live at CBGB's New Red Archives
Cramps New Kind Of Kick Bad Music For Bad People A&M/I.R.S.
Agent Orange The Last Goodbye Living In Darkness Posh Boy
Various Artists Strange Party - I Know Where You Live Batshit Crazy Bat Guano
Dead Dads The Window Intro
Dead Dads Dead Rockstars
Christ On A Crutch A Pillar Of Our Society Spread Your Filth: The Doughnut and Bourbon Years New Red Archives
New York Dolls Personality Crisis
Abuse Digging Your Own Grave
Naked Aggression/All Or Nothing H.C. Naked Aggression - Party Down
Fleas and Lice Insane
Naked Aggression/All Or Nothing H.C. All Or Nothing H.C. - Racist, Classist, Anit-Gay Bullshit
Angry Samoans Right Side Of My Mind Inside My Brain Hatzman
Plasmatics Headbanger Beyond The Valley of 1984 Plasmatics Media
Snap-Her Monkey See, Monkey Do Queen Bitch Of Rock & Roll New Red Archives
Toy Dolls Cheerio And Toodle Pip The Complete Singles Castle
Various Artists Boneless Ones - The Keg Kept A Flowin Skate Rock Volume 3: Wild Riders Of Boards High Speed Productions
Faction Friends & Enemies Collection 1982-1985 Beer City
Hate x 9 Ipso-Facto Hard To Be U.S. R U Dead
Hate x 9 I Ain't Afraid Hard To Be U.S. R U Dead