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Pirate of the High Frequenseas

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14 Lower Freeborn Hall

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Friday 3/14/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Carcass Granulating Dark Satanic Mills Surgical Steel
Splattered Entrails Decimating Our Will Depths of Obscurity
Keelhaul Cleanser Keeelhaul
Torture Blood Portraits Storm Alert
Dark Monarchy Night of a Thousand Swords Dark Monarchy
Dies Irae Horde Sin War
Shai Hulud To Bear the Brunt of Many Blades Misanthropy Pure
Falkenbach Bronzen Embrace Asa
Kult of Azazel Blood Death & Damnation World the Flesh & the Devil
Invasive Command The Calling Ride Invade Kill Conquer
Illdisposed Key to My Salvation Prestige
HeavenShallBurn Antagonized Veto
Ludicra Let's Thirst the Soil Another Great Love Song
Sairaat Mielet Tippa Tappaa Controversial History
Chaos Invocation Lord of Our Temple Black MIrror Hours
Decomposition Averse Lucidity Organ Harvest
Nightbringer Angel of the Smokeless Fire Hierophany of the Open Grave
Coelacanth Save Your Tears Coelacanth EP
I Warned You Pray Terrorizer Compilation
Saprogenic Navigating the Human Eye Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs
Splattered Abnormal Necrosis Splatter
Ghoul Maggot Hatchery Maniaxe
Terminate Savage Silence Ascending to Red Heavens
Urn War & Victory Soul Destroyers