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We've lost a few of the original founders of progressive rock within the last few years, but last week's passing of Italian tenor Francesco Di Giacomo was particularly painful.  The legendary voice of Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso was lost to us  in a car accident on February 21st.  Regarded as the "Pavarotti of Prog", Francesco was 66.  He will be sorely missed. 

A few quieter and softer selections on the show today, and a set of metal prog with some eclectic pieces to complete the set. Questions, suggestions and requests or just want to talk prog, give me a call at: (530) 752-2777. 

Thank you for listening to the PRP and for supporting freeform radio at KDVS, Davis.  


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Saturday 3/01/2014 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Banco Non Mi Rompete Io Sono Nato Libero BMG Japan 1973/2006; Italy
Pekka Pohjola Kadet Suoristavat Veden Keesojen Lehto Love Records 1977/2002; Finland
The Watch Stagnation Timeless Self-released 2011; Italy
Rick Wakeman Music Reincarnate Part 1 No Earthly Connections A&M/Universal 1976/2003; UK
Lady Lake Magic Twanger No Pictures Musea 1977; Netherlands
Moon Safari Moonwalk The Gettysburg Address (disc 1 of 2) Prog Rock Records 2012; Sweden
Nuova Era Canto XII The Divine Comedy (disc 1 of 4) Musea 2009; Italy
Gong Zero The Hero & The Witches' Spell The World Of Daevid Allen & Gong (disc 1 of 3) Charly 1973/2003; UK
Kenso Mokuba Aikan Fabulis Mirabilibus De Bombycosi Scriptis King Records 2002; Japan
Vanden Plas Fire Blossom/Rainmaker The God Thing InsideOut 1997; Germany
Alessandro Bertoni Megas Alexandras Pt. III Keystone Generation Prog 2013; Italy
Dream Theater Constant Motion Systematic Chaos Roadrunner 2007; New York