The Cat's Meow

Maggie Cat

DJ Rick and Fuzzbox Flynn will be covering for Ms. Maggie Cat tonight. 


Pop & Rock

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Monday 2/10/2014 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Flowers Criminal Waste Earcom 1 Compilation Fast Product 1979
Shark Toys Dots S/T Deadbeat *new arrival
Woolen Men Real FX/Emily Quick Trips 7-inch Loglady *new arrival
The Embarrassment Age Five S/T Time to Develop 1987
Nod Nutmeg I'm Around Baby Music 1995
CCR Headcleaner Free the Freaks Split 7-inch w/ Fuzz Famous Class *new arrival
Circuit Des Yeux I Am Overdue Ba Da Bing *new arrival
Dadamah Nicotine Nicotine Majora 1991
Sandra Bell Dreams of Falling Dreams of Falling Xpressway 1992
This Kind of Punishment From the Diary of Hermann Doubt A Beard of Bees Xpressway 1984
Sone 747 747 7-inch High Mast 1995
Celesteville Leftward Glance Spirit Duplicator Tape Mountain 2005
Bugskull Recoder Phantasies and Senseitions Road Cone 1994
Fuck Monkey Does His Thing MonkeyBeautyShotgun 7-inch Rhesus 1994